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Destination Info - Namibia:

The African Travel Destination Namibia A - Z

- Africa Travel Destination: Namibia - introduction

- African Adventure Activities in Namibia

- Arts & Crafts in Namibia

- Atlantic Ocean & the Central Namibian Coast

- Birds & Wildlife of Namibia

- Climate in south-western Africa

- Cultures of Namibia - introducing ethnic groups
  * Baster / Bushman (San) / Caprivi / Damara /
     Herero / Himba / Kavango / Nama / Wambo /
     more cultures 

- Communication Facilities in Namibia

- Deserts of Namibia: Namib / Kalahari

- Economy & Industries in Namibia

- Education & Training in Namibia

- Environment & Geology

- Experience Namibia

- Government of Namibia & Ministries

- Health & Health Care in Namibia

- History of Namibia

- Infrastructure & Roads in Namibia

- Landscapes of Namibia

- Money Matters

- Museums & Galleries in Namibia

- National Parks & Wildlife Reserves of Namibia

- Nature Conservation in Namibia

- Neighbouring Countries - introduction
  * Angola / Botswana / South Africa / Zambia /

  * Border Posts

  * Peace Parks (cross-border nature sanctuaries)
  * Travel Routes - across Namibian borders
     Cape to Namibia
- Regions & Towns of Namibia - introduction
  * Regions: Caprivi / Erongo / Hardap / Karas /
     Kavango / Khomas / Kunene / Ohangwena /
     Omaheke / Omusati / Oshana / Oshikoto /
  * Towns: Aus / Kamanjab / Katima Mulilo /

     Keetmanshoop / Khorixas / Maltahöhe /

     Mariental / Lüderitz / Omaruru / Opuwo /

     Oshakati / Otjiwarongo / Rehoboth / Rundu /

     Swakopmund / Tsumeb / Walvis Bay /

     Windhoek / more towns
- Sightseeing Highlights of Namibia

- Sports in Namibia

- Visa & Immigration Regulations

- World Heritage Sites in Namibia


Namibia - How To...?

- Frequently asked questions & answers (FQA)

  about the travel destination Namibia


Namibia News - Overview

- Overview of news in headlines
  Read more by using links to the full stories


Namibia Online

- Namibia facts & info resources on the Internet


Namibia Photos

- Image Gallery presenting Namibia, its people,
  regions & towns, main travel destinations, tourist
  products, sightseeing highlights and more in a
  stunning documentary compiled over 20+ years

This photo collection will grow with future site updates


Namibia - Recommended Reading & Reference Guide

- Printed publications on Namibia

  * Book titles / Authors / ISBN nos. of publications

     available from the Namibia Scientific Society
     and other publishers
   * Titles referred to on this website


Namibia's Green
On-line Guides

(previously "Namibia's Special Selection")

- Introduction to Green On-line Guides of
  individual tourist service providers in Namibia

- On-line Guides are product manuals especially

  prepared for re-sellers of Namibian tourist services.

  The following categories are available:
  Book / Fly / Drive / Sleep - details


Namibia's Sustainable
Drive & BBEE

- Introduction to sustainable tourism activities
  and their importance in / for Namibia

  * Namibia's tourism industry & Broad-based Black
     Economic Empowerment (BBEE)

  * Introducing BBEE businesses & projects

  * Sustainable Tourism Network Southern Africa


Namibia Tourism Contacts

- Contact details & location maps (or images) of
  NTB-registered tourist service suppliers & organisers
  of touring services in Namibia
- index


Namibia Tourism News

- Tourism News from around Namibia
From important milestones to general information
   of interest to tourists and tourism trade partners

Namibian Tourist Service Providers & NGOs involved in tourism projects:

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FREE PUBLICATION (max. 100 words + 1 image; include FULL NAME, CONTACTS & NTB REG. NO.!)


Namibia Tourist Services

- Index of all tourism businesses registered with the
  Namibia Tourism Board
  * Tourism Businesses based within Namibia
  * Tourism Businesses based outside Namibia


Namibia Tourism Industry

- Introduction - page 1 / 2 / 3

- Internet Marketing & Promotions
- Print & Digital Media Advertising

- Printing Services
- more ... News

- What's new in these web pages?
- Feedback received by

- Anything else news-worthy about this website


Seasonal & Other Specials
offered by tourism businesses
based in Namibia

- "Last-Minute" Specials / Discounted Low-Season
  Offers / "Stay Put" Offers / Special Airfares, etc.

Namibian Tourist Service Suppliers:
SUBMIT YOUR OFFERS for publication at a nominal charge!

Tourism-related Articles

- Index of articles sorted by publication date

- Articles on people, organisations, topics and
  events related to tourism in Namibia:
 * SUBMIT YOUR OWN, published free of charge
 * Articles we found elsewhere or wrote ourselves


Tourism Jobs in Namibia

(This section is exclusively about employment, part-time & freelance work in Namibia's tourism industry - submissions for other kinds of jobs will NOT be accepted! will NOT take any responsibility whatsoever for the correctness
of the information published and also NOT get involved in communication, "match-making" and/or any other related activities.)

- Index of Tourism Jobs ON OFFER / WANTED

- Namibian employers: SUBMIT YOUR VACANCY
  ADVERTS for publication at a nominal charge!
- Namibian job seekers: SUBMIT YOUR CONTACTS,
  ... adverts up to A6-size will be free of charge!
- Job positions in Namibia's tourism industry
  explained ... select the right job for you! 

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Tourism Links Namibia

- Links to external web pages containing useful
  tourism-related info, e.g. HAN/NTB/Media




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