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Internet searches for information on Namibia and travel-related topics in particular reveal an ever-increasing number of web pages.
For your convenience, we provided  quick access to some basic info ....

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We intend to build up our own library of Namibia maps over time. Here's a first example .... please contact us with suggestions on how to improve the info content of such maps.

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This sample map refers to one of the Namibian guesthouses listed under Tourist Services and featured in detail in the section containing On-line Guides of individual service suppliers:
"Namibia's Green On-line Guides".

Namibian tourist service suppliers:
If you would like to contribute similar Google Maps or require assistance in creating one for your business, please contact the webmaster.

 The South African Rand (ZAR) equals
the Namibian Dollar (NAD) in value.
Both currencies are legal tender in Namibia.




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