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HOW ELSE may we assist you in growing your business?

Why to publish your Marketing Material
and Product Manual in a
Green On-line Guide
... AND NOT on your own website?

For quite a number of equally important reasons:

- We have large Internet server space at our disposal for hosting web pages at a fraction of the price normally charged in Namibia

= NO extra cost for hosting marketing material in a dedicated 'Green On-line Guide' under our Premier Listing!
You, the Namibian tourist service provider, only pays for the design and updates/additions to your publications  and  make a contribution to site administration and promotions - at a guaranteed fixed annual rate.

- We promote to over six thousand tourism trade contacts world-wide through regular newsletter distributions by email

= We own and maintain one of the largest Namibia-relevant databases of international tourism trade contacts, each contact known to either be selling Namibian/Southern African tourist products already or to be interested in doing business with service suppliers in Namibia;
In addition, Namibian tourist service providers with published On-line Guides (product manuals) get direct exposure to such sources of business: One Namibian service provider in each service category, - there are four categories at present -, will be individually featured in our newsletters, on a rotation basis (conditions apply).

- We have over three decades of hands-on experiences in Tourism, Tourism Development, Tourism Marketing, Presentation Design for Tourism Promotion purposes, etc. We know the detailed information requirements of your trade partners as well as those of the individual visitor to Namibia, and we are up-to-date on new trends
= Sound TOURISM EXPERTISE coupled with user-friendly web design and effective Organic Search Engine Optimisation go into the development of your Internet Marketing Strategy & Material.

- Search engines in general and Google in particular disapprove of duplicate content on the Web when calculating page rank.

= We ensure that your 'Green On-line Guide' is entirely different from your own home pages in how your business is presented, and that your website's ranking in search engines remains unaffected; in fact, your official website will become easier to find over time in most cases due to an increased number of inbound links.

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Why to publish ... continued from left-hand column:

- By publishing your marketing material as part of a collection of 'Green On-line Guides' about Namibian tourism products and services, you can be sure of getting maximum exposure to those who matter most to your business - your customers worldwide

= Even if your own web pages are not doing well in search engine ranking and thus are difficult to find on the Internet, your efforts made through towards meeting the information and knowledge requirements of your tourism trade partners will be noticed! This Namibia Tourism Portal does achieve high ranking through plenty of meaningful content, thorough optimisation, and comprehensive link strategies.

- By publishing your product manual on-line, you are not only keeping your trade partners happy and informed but also making a significant contribution to the conservation of our Namibian and the global environment 

= Increased sales by impressed trade partners who have access to up-to-date information anywhere, any time. They will appreciate your efforts towards 'greening' your business by saving forests of trees and eliminating huge amounts of waste paper;

= Massive savings in production and distribution cost of promotional material = greater profits & cleaner air;

=  You present not just your business but Namibia as a truly eco-friendly travel destination, which is becoming increasingly import to travellers when making destination choices.
Wouldn't you feel much better too, knowing that you are doing something really meaningful to reduce your carbon-footprint ... thousands of times each year?

- There is strength in unity and big numbers! With Namibia Tourism information being as scattered across printed and web publications as they are, where do you think will potential and existing clients turn to when in need of services and comprehensive working tools?

=  They will prefer using and booking with those represented in 'Green On-line Guides' - so be sure your business offerings are where they can and are expected to be found.

Right here!

... imagine the impact Namibia's tourism industry alone could make on slowing down global warming
... imagine our colleagues all over Southern Africa following the lead
... imagine the consequences, if we and they didn't ...

Namibia, let's show the rest of the tourism world what we are capable of, let's get the ball rolling, let's take
our global tourism marketing where it belongs - to consumers and our trade partners, on-line!


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