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... anywhere across the globe, at any time - with the assistance of a
(Your Tourism Business) Green On-line Guide

Give your existing and potentially new tourism trade partners access to everything they need to know about tourist services you offer with a digital product manual that covers your business from A to Z.

Give yourself a chance to do more and better business with much better informed trade partners, to enjoy massive savings in printing/distribution cost as well as in time input for marketing activities, and to gain recognition for environment-friendly business practices.

Investing in a digital product manual that serves as an On-line Guide of your entire tourism business is an important step in creating a win-win scenario!

For first impressions of our On-line Guides, please take a look at these examples - YOURS will reflect the corporate identity of YOUR business:
Sam's Giardino On-line Guide - about a guesthouse in Swakopmund
Sasendle On-line Guide - about a specialised 4x4 safari operator  

Whether yours is an accommodation, tour or activity operator, hunting safari, car rental or charter flight business in Namibia, it can benefit from your co-operation with trade partners worldwide through an On-line Guide @ Publishing a digital product manual to explain the ins & outs of your own services   

... is 1. meaningful, 2. easy, and 3. affordable:

1. It's MEANINGFUL to Co-operate @

 - This Namibia tourism portal is the RIGHT PLACE & ENVIRONMENT TO CO-OPERATE with your
   international clientele
of tour and wholesale operators, hunting safari outfitters and similar
   who will find all they want and need to know about Namibia in one place - right here!
   Good co-operation with your trade partners also entails providing them with up-to-date
   information that is readily accessible any time, whenever it is required

   No printed product manual can ever be as complete and current as a well planned and
   well maintained on-line one - and as cost-efficient as well as environmentally responsible!

   And wouldn't you just love it to be able to refer your trade partners to a central source of
   information ... instead of writing the umpteenth email in reply to the same question?
   Your on-line product manual can be as comprehensive and big as you like it to be.
   Or start off small and add to it over time.
   If done right, all you will ever have to do in future for presenting your business in the best
   possible light is to email the hyperlink of your On-line Guide to your clients.
   We will assist you in getting it right, we will make your product manual look great, and we
   will show you how to put it to the best possible use for actively promoting your business
   ... or do it for you, if you so prefer.

- is also the RIGHT PLACE & ENVIRONMENT TO MEET with new tourism
  trade contacts
who will appreciate finding all the ins & outs of your products and services
  explained in one place
  - Potential trade contacts will know about your On-line Guide through our newsletters;
  - They will find it easily because this website enjoys top ranking in all major search engines;
  - They can get to know your business via the Internet instead of having to visit trade shows.
  Imagine the savings YOU will enjoy when embarking on a marketing mission to grow your
  business with a Green On-line Guide at your side to assist you.

  We could list a dozen or so more meaningful uses of and good reasons for having a digital
  product manual @ but until you
contact us for discussing YOUR
  particular promotion requirements, we'd like to leave you with this bold statement:
Your Green On-line Guide can be your all-in-one marketing tool
  & information manual when dealing with your trade partners
Now that we covered the meaningful aspects of co-operating @,
please see below how the EASY & AFFORDABLE parts work:  

Select another chapter
in this Service Directory:

Before starting a
tourism business

Setting up your
tourism business

Making your tourism business known & grow
      including options for
        Marketing / Advertising

On the inside of your tourism business

The future of your tourism business

Why to publish your Product Manual at
- AND NOT on
your own website
Here are the reasons...


Find info on
Advertising in
digital & print media

Marketing Representations
and other support services
available from
outside resources
- see also topics/links near page top

Find info on
Internet Marketing
Contextual Advertising
Product Manuals
(Green On-line Guides)
Newsletters / Articles
other Promotion Options

and additional
support services
available directly through
- visit our
Service Directory


     Book an On-line Guide:

    a. Inform us BY EMAIL about your
         interest in publishing your product
         manual at this website - together
         with an indication of the budget
         available for set-up & maintenance
         for the first 12-month period and any
         additional support you might need.
         The recommended minimum manual
         content is listed HERE
, which takes
         up about 6 x A4 or 12 x A5 pages on
         average (may vary with type of
         business/number of services offered).
    b. We will email a quotation based on
         the info received as per a. and the
         earliest possible publication date.   

    c. If you accept our offer:
        c1. Submit ALL info & content listed
              in the orange box to the right on
              a CD + 1 brochure
(by courier!)
        c2. Pay the requested 1. deposit and
              EMAIL US your proof of payment.

    d. Within 10-14 days, you will be able to
        proof-read a draft version of your
        product manual ON-LINE.
d1. Advise ALL changes/corrections
               required within 1 week by email.
        d2. Pay the requested 2. deposit and
              EMAIL US your proof of payment.
    e. Once your finished On-line Guide is
        published @ namibia-unlimited, we
        will email you the link.

    f.  Next steps:
        f1. Notify us of updates to be done,
            as per the agreed schedule
        f2. Settle the balance of our invoice,
            as agreed beforehand and EMAIL
            US proof of each payment.

    g. About 3 months before your current
        On-line Guide contract expires, we
        will remind you of extension options,
        which may include special offers or
        repeater discounts available at the
        time for a limited period.

        If you do not respond by the given
        deadline, your On-line Guide will
        automatically be removed from the

With step c. (c1. + c2.) a binding contract will be entered into from both sides, and from step e. onwards, the contracted On-line Guide will remain active on the site for the agreed duration.

No further formalities will be required, and no dispute/cancellation will be accepted, once we received your 1. deposit payment.
Changes to layout/content presentation and corrections may only be requested once, during the set-up phase of the On-line Guide (see d1.), unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Updates requested outside the agreed update schedule will be charged extra.

Your partner:
Web-doS Namibia
[YOUR BUSINESS NAME] - Co-operating

 See 2. c. (left)

Please ensure that each booking of an
On-line Guide @
is accompanied by:

- Name of business + NTB-Reg. no.

- Name of contact person responsible for content

- Full contact details incl. postal address & the
  email address to be published,
if different

- Website address (for link from product manual!)

- Images (photos/logo) in the following format:
  .jpeg or .gif / resolution min. 96 dpi
(better: 300 dpi)

- Chapters to be set up & texts/facts to be included
Do NOT provide text content in PDF/
                    scanned files - it must be easy to copy!
(We can provide assistance in drawing up a layout/
     content plan for your On-line Guide - extra charges
     apply, subject to input required)

- Your choice of language: English OR German
   (Your On-line Guide will be set up in the language, in
     which you provided chapter headings/texts/facts.
     Extra charges will apply to translation services and/or
     bi-lingual publication of your product manual)   

- Samples of corporate colours/fonts if available
(In case you would like to take this opportunity for
    introducing a company-specific appearance, we are
    available to assist - extra charges apply)

- Preferred publication date + 1 alternative date
(Please allow for a minimum of 4 weeks between the

    ordering and the publication of an On-line Guide)

- Duration of On-line Guide placement (min. 1 year)


Please see further below what is included in a standard contract for your On-line Guide!'s
Promotion SPECIALS
apply to your On-line Guide

Please use the calculation table below
to get an indication of the cost to expect for a 12-month publication of your Green On-line Guide (product manual) on this Namibia Tourism portal - that's easy too.

Prices on this page are valid until
31 October 2010
unless stipulated otherwise

In order to ensure smooth customer services, we will only start working on your On-line Guide, once COMPLETE
info & photo material


1st deposit payment
will have reached us.

Finalising will take place, upon receipt of your 2nd deposit payment.


Standard Service Inclusions
in a 12-months contract for a
(Your Tourism Business)
Green On-line Guide

Editing of images for web & best effect

- Selection of images from those provided, in line
  with chapters/topics to be presented

- Page design in corporate colours & fonts, if
(if not, we will suggest a basic design;
  should you be interested in a more elaborate/more
  distinct corporate design to use in other publications
  as well, please request a separate quotation)
- Editing of texts provided to suit agreed content
- Hosting of your On-line Guide
(admin contribution)
- 3 subsequent updates of content (max. 6 working
  hours per year, which cover average requirements in
  changes/additions to info & photos but not massive
  amounts of replacements/re-designing of pages)

- Introduction to your On-line Guide in newsletters
of (on a rotation basis)
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your On-line
  Guide's index page for high ranking
- Inclusion in additional promotional activities we
  will do from time to time to promote this site


with your
1st On-line Guide

We will sponsor:

1 year free listing of
your contact details
in the
Directory of NTB-registered tourism businesses on this site!

Additional Offer:
If your 1. On-line Guide
contract has a total value of N$9999 or more, we will sponsor the
Search Engine Optimisation of 5 more On-line Guide pages of your choice!

These Specials are applicable to On-line Guides only and only, if your first deposit will be paid until 31 October 2010

 See 2. a. & b. (above)

Here is an INDICATION of the cost of publishing your product manual in a (Your Tourism Business)
Green Online Guide

A. Minimum Starter Package:
- 8 web pages
(approx. A5, landscape)
 OR 4 web pages (approx. A4)
     - Design & programming
(HTML only)
     - Standard service inclusions
as per details stipulated above
     - 12 months contract, payable in
        3 instalments
(2 deposits & balance)
     - Content provided by client
N$4950 net, excl. VAT

          Add N$550,
if you need our assistance
          in drawing up a content/layout plan for
          your On-line Guide based on the info &
          photo material you provided.

B. Add-on Options:
(more on request)

    - SET-UP per additional page:
       N$450 (A5) / N$850 (A4)

     - SEO per additional page:
       N$150 (A5) / N$250 (A4)

     - per ADDITIONAL UPDATE/per page:
       mini:  approx. N$100 - N$200
       midi:  approx. N$300 - N$500
       maxi: approx. N$600 - N$900
 (subject to working hours)

     - TRANSLATION English/German or
       vice versa - per page, at set-up only:

       N$150 (A5) / N$300 (A4)
(Translations required AFTER the initial
           set-up of an On-line Guide will be
          charged at twice these rates per page)

     - BI-LINGUAL On-line Guide (E/G only):
       1st language: see prices above
       2nd language = on separate pages:
       75% of prices for Minimum Package &
       Set-up per additional page;
       includes Search Engine Optimisation
       of 1 page (index) in 2nd language.
       Prices for other Add-on Options as
       indicated above.

contact us
for more info
& tailor-made solutions
by Email:


Prices above apply to the production/first set-up & first 12-month publication of each 'Green On-line Guide' contracted
until 31 October 2010.
Subsequent publication years will attract annual charges too, which will be quoted individually subject a customer's requirements - about 3 months prior to the expiry date of each contract year.


The production/set-up and maintenance of your On-line Guide will be quoted according to your individual requirements.

But here are some pointers of cost to expect, during the first 12-month contract and subsequent periods:

 a. Minimum Charge = Minimum Package
      See A. left

  b. Add-on Pages & other Add-on Options
       See B. left/request quotes for unlisted services

  c. Should you require assistance in the production
      of photos & info material for an On-line Guide

      we can assist too - we are fully equipped for
      such purposes, from professional cameras to
      a mobile office, and have decades of
      experiences in doing so. In most cases, the
      material we produce can also be used for
      other marketing/advertising activities.
contact us to discuss requirements.

  d. We did not yet decide about terms and prices
       for subsequent publication periods of On-line
       Guides, as much will depend on our clients'
       actual requirements - which we hope to
       establish in more detail during 2010.
       You can rest assured though that contract
       extensions and continuously growing your
       On-line Guide will be honoured by us with
       an offer of favourable conditions.
  d. Please note:
- We do NOT charge for hosting your On-line
        Guide, regardless of its size up to 50 MB; the
        Minimum Package only includes a small
        contribution to the administration of the
        server space utilised.

      - YOUR On-line Guide will be about YOUR
        tourism business in Namibia only!
No adverts, no "foreign" links, no SEO for
        for anything else but YOUR particular kind of
        tourism business, no black-hat techniques
        and no tricks!
        We let YOUR products and services speak for
        themselves supported by organic Search
        Engine Optimisation and regular promotions.
      - The prices shown in the orange box to the left
        are applicable to 'On-line Guides' published
        at only
Our standard prices for web page design & SEO
           apply to product manuals and websites to be
           hosted elsewhere. Prices available on request.

      - And last but not least: Beyond our service
        inclusions, it's up to YOU to make the most of
        your on-line product manual ... make use of
        the agreed update schedule, support it by a
        blog, list its web address in tourism internet
        directories, make it known to your tourism
        trade partners and customers, refer clients to
        it as often as possible, add its web address to
        advertisements (next to your main website's
        one), publish its name and address in social
        media like YouTube and FaceBook, etc., etc.
        Make your On-line Guide work for you!

  Offers on this page refer to the publication of a product manual of a NTB-registered tourism business, - a so-called 'On-line Guide' -, on the website only
For product manuals & web pages to be published elsewhere please refer to our standard prices for web page design & programming, search engine optimisation and related services.


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