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 - This Namibia tourism portal is the RIGHT PLACE & ENVIRONMENT TO PROMOTE your
   Namibian tourism company to foreign leisure tourists, hunters, and business persons
 planning to visit Namibia as well as to domestic and regional travellers.
   The chapters on 'Destination Info' & 'Tourist Services' speak to any kind of Namibia visitor.

 is not your competitor but your partner - it is here to promote and
             support all members of the Namibian tourism industry by directing potential customers to them.
             We sell nothing but publication space packaged with our knowledge of how all things tourism-
             and internet-related work. Namibia-unlimited will stay 'info only' - that's our promise to you!
             When publishing advertisements and/or other marketing materials on this site, you enjoy the
             benefits of being part of a tourism network relevant to Namibia and YOUR tourism business!

 - For Namibian tourist service providers, is also the RIGHT PLACE &
   ENVIRONMENT TO MEET with existing and potential tourism trade partners
- advertising
   your product and service offerings on this site will be appreciated because our extensive
   coverage of Namibia-specific tourism topics puts advertisers in context with travel options.

 - If yours is a company or organisation supplying goods and services to Namibian tourism
   The 'Directory of Tourist Service Providers' at PLUS our useful
   'On-line Support Centre for the Namibia Tourism Industry' take the guesswork out of
   identifying and reaching YOUR clientele
   Advertise directly to your customers who will refer to this site when in search for what YOU
   can provide in advice, support, and supplies.
   If your offerings do not fit into any of the above categories, we will create new ones!

Now that we covered the meaningful aspects of advertising @,
please see below how the EASY & AFFORDABLE parts work: 

Select another chapter
in this Service Directory:

Before starting a
tourism business

Setting up your
tourism business

Making your tourism business known & grow
      including options for
        Marketing / Advertising

On the inside of your tourism business

The future of your tourism business


Why to publish your Product Manual at
- AND NOT on
your own website
Here are the reasons...


Find info on
Advertising in
digital & print media

Marketing Representations
and other support services
available from
outside sources
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Find info on
Internet Marketing
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Product Manuals
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Newsletters / Articles
other Promotion Options

and additional
support services
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     Book an advert placement:

    a. Provide us with the info & material
         requested in the orange block on
         the right BY EMAIL.

    b. Wait for our confirmation to arrive
        together with our invoice and
        payment instructions.

    c. Follow the payment instructions &
        EMAIL US your proof of payment.
    d. Once your advert is published @
        namibia-unlimited, we will email
        you a link to the web page it was
        placed on (usually agreed upon

    e. About 2 weeks before your current
        advertising contract expires, we will
        remind you of extension options,
        which may include special offers or
        repeater discounts available at the
        time for a limited period.

        If you do not respond by the given
        deadline, your advertisement will
        automatically be removed from the

With steps a. to c. a binding contract will be entered into from both sides, and from step d. onwards, the contracted ad placement will remain active for the agreed duration.

No further formalities will be required, and no change request/dispute/cancellation will be accepted, once we received your payment.
Should we however, for whatever reason, become unable to meet our contractual commitment, you may choose between advert placement alternatives we will offer in such a case and a full refund of the applicable amount, if you prefer to no longer publish the advertisement with us.

Your partner: Web-doS Namibia
Ref: [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] - Advertising

 See 2. a. (left)

Please ensure that each booking of advertising space @
is accompanied by:

- Name of business (+ NTB-Reg. no., if applicable)

- Name of contact person responsible for advert

- Full contact details incl. postal address

- Website address (for link from advertisement!)

- Ready-made artwork in the following format:
  .jpeg or .gif image / resolution 72 or 96 dpi /
  (please stipulate size in pixel or mm, if known)
  ALTERNATIVELY, for text advertisement:
  Your logo image + advert text + preferred
  background & text colour + preferred font

  P. S.: Should you wish to place a full-page
          advertisement, please contact us for details!

- Cost to be expected for the advert placement,
  as per the calculation table below
(If you cannot work out the price due to missing
    artwork size, please stipulate the intended duration
    of placement + your budget per advertisement - we
    will advise the price prior to booking confirmation)  

- Info in case you need assistance in re-sizing or
  minor editing of artwork
(extra charges may apply)

- Preferred publication date + 1 alternative date

- Preferred page or context for placement

- Duration of advert placement
Promotion SPECIALS
apply until 31 October 2010!

Please use the calculation table below
to work out the cost of advertising on this Namibia Tourism portal - that's easy too.

Should our graphic/web design services be required to produce artwork for advertising, please contact us (see Email address to the left)
for a tailor-made quotation.

Prices stipulated on this page are
valid until
31 October 2010
unless stipulated otherwise

In order to ensure smooth customer services, we will only start working on your advertisement, once COMPLETE
info & material


FULL payment
will have reached us!

This is especially important
to keep in mind, if we
cannot confirm your
requested publication date
of a time-sensitive advert.
Don't pay us, unless our suggested alternative publication date is acceptable to you!

 See 2. b. (above)

Here is how you calculate the cost of placing an advertisement

A. Advertising on this website:
N$ 0.0025
(1/4 cent) per pixel/
     per month
up to  3 months
     - less 20% for each of 4 - 6 months
     - less 33% for each of 7 - 9 months
     - less 50% for each of 10 - 12 months

(Example: If your advert is 600 x 400 pixels in size and booked for 7 months, you'll pay:
600 x 400 x 0.0025 = N$600 x 7 months
= N$4200 less 33% = N$2814 net, excl. VAT)

apply to adverts booked & paid
until 31 October 2010 for placements to start between May 2010 - Feb 2011!

Discounts vary between 2 - 40% subject to
advert size and placement duration, and will be advised with the booking confirmation.


We invented a very easy way to calculate the cost of advertising on this website:

 a. Advertisement sizes are flexible:
      From a minimum size of 180 x 85 pixels up to
      800 x 1200 (X-large) - no need to re-design the
      artwork when you book an advert with us!

 b. Placement durations range from a minimum
     of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months
     contract, in monthly increments.

 c. For your convenience, we have provided a
      few samples of advert sizes & cost:
      1/3 page -
Promo Special left below of advert
      1/1 page -
X-large, sole use, incl. 3 updates p. a.

  d. For any other advert size, please use the info
      in the orange block to the left to calculate the
      applicable price.

P. S. We recommend to advertisers booking full = company-specific pages to keep images separate from text. This will assist us in improving your advert page's ranking in search engines.  

with your
1st full page/
12 months

(min. 600x900 pixels)

We will sponsor:

1 year free listing of
your contact details
in the appropriate
directory on this site!

Directory of NTB-registered tourism businesses
Directory for:
- Catering & Equipment Suppliers
- Print Services
ETC. (details to follow)

    Additional services included:
    - 1 hyperlink to YOUR website
    - advert sizes from 600 x 400 pixels:
      4-6 months placement: 1 update
      7-9 months placement: 2 updates
      10-12 months placement: 3 updates
        (Advertiser to initiate update/s!)
    - advert sizes from 600 x 900 pixels:
      Advertiser-specific Search Engine
      Optimisation (SEO) of the web page
      on which their advert is placed.

     - VAT & Ad Agency Commission
     - Artwork & Copywriting*
     - Change of advert size with updates

* Advert design &copywriting in English
  and German are optional services
  available on request:

B. Advertising in the NEWSLETTER

Our Newsletter is published 3-4 times per year and distributed by email to approx. 8000 international tourism trade contacts RELEVANT TO NAMIBIA!

Advert sizes in Newsletters are limited to
(width x height):

Mini-Ad:    140x20 pixels/1 spot only, left of headline!
N$550 net per 2010 edition

Midi-Ad:    120x125 pixels/max. 3, middle right OR
140x110 pixels/max. 3, bottom half, left
N$750 net each, per 2010 edition
Maxi Ad:  
 140x300 pixels/1 spot only, bottom left
  N$1650 net per 2010 edition
290x220 pixels/1 only, page centre! OR
  650x100 pixel/1 only, across page bottom
                        N$3450 net each, per 2010 edition

These rates will also apply to special news distributions we might do in between occasionally - please enquire about details from Web-doS by email:  

  Offers on this page refer to advertising on the website & newsletters of only
For advertising in other publications, please refer to the individual price lists of publishers concerned


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