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Making your tourism business known and grow
The world needs to know before it can grow; 'hiding' from customers takes you nowhere

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Harnessing the power of a corporate identity, of systematically branding and marketing your products and services  - without going broke in the process - is possible for even the smallest amongst Namibian tourism businesses.

If you do not or cannot invest in regular promotional public appearances that are right for your tourism business, you are hiding from your customers!

Budgeting for marketing is as important as budgeting for maintenance and staff salaries. Dedicating about 3% of your annual revenue to promotional activities will go a long way but even less than that is a good start, as long as the following 'golden rules' are applied:

- Draw up a marketing plan, review/update it annually, and stick to it!
Have a master plan for the coming 5-10 years & an annual action plan; stop "incidental" spending.
- Ensure consistency in public appearances ... in style, presentation, and frequency.
Customers will connect the dots between corporate identity and brand but need regular reminders.
- Every cent spent on promotional activities has to fit in with your marketing strategy.
Investing into marketing opportunities that address the wrong kind of customers is a waste of money.
- Select the most cost-efficient marketing tools with the greatest reach that are right for you.
Different kinds of tourism businesses require different kinds of marketing tools - choose wisely.
- Last but not least: Always put your best foot forward - no exceptions!
  Presenting your products and services to the public in an attractive fashion takes time, effort, and
  know-how. Invest in these too, as much as you can possibly afford - it will pay off manifold!

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Before starting a
tourism business

Setting up your
tourism business

Making your tourism business known & grow
      including options for
        Marketing / Advertising

On the inside of your tourism business

The future of your tourism business


We can assist you and your business with each or all of the above:

Each of our services slots in with the next.

Each is taking your business one step
closer to success.

one service = one step
or a few steps at a time,
or all at the same time,
and watch your
business grow through
affordable advice, support & internet marketing services from  

Our Tourism Consulting Division
is available to assist you with:

Identifying your brand
Identifying your target markets
Determining a market position
Determining a marketing strategy
Drawing up your marketing plan
Selecting the right marketing tools
Giving your business a corporate identity & a public 'face'
as well as
Managing growth & change

A dedicated section on
Tourism Consulting
will be added with future site updates.
In the meantime, please
contact us -
our consulting services are more affordable than you might think! 

Our Marketing Division
is available to assist you with:

Internet Marketing @

Listing your contact details N$360 per year
Promo Special: N$240 for the first 12 months

Contextual Advertising N$ subject to ad size 
Promo Special: Discounts up to 40% on offer

Publication of your product manual in a
(Your Tourism Business) Green On-line Guide
from N$4950 p.a.; please contact us for a quotation 
Promotion Specials available
Individual On-line Guides will be promoted in the quarterly newsletter of too

Publication of articles on topics of special interest - FREE OF CHARGE, if submitted ready-made 
are applicable to services booked
& paid until
31 October 2010
(select your preferred publication date between
1 May 2010 - 28 Feb 2011)

Please stipulate your Internet Marketing & other services required
when you
contact us

Your NTB-registered tourism business is listed
at this site free of charge
ONLY N$240 per year!


are available
contact us
BEFORE 31.10.2010

Our Marketing Division
also assists with:

Other Internet Marketing Activities
Listing YOUR website with
cost-free Tourism Web Directories
     & trade partner websites
from N$1500 for 10 listings

Email distributions of newsletters,
seasonal specials & other promotional offers to relevant
tourism trade partners world-wide
N$1000 per 1000 emails sent

(excludes design & content; bulk & repeater discounts are available) 

Monitoring your website's ranking performance in Search Engines

Blog set-up & maintenance

Listing Company/People Profiles in social media
(e.g. Twitter & FaceBook) and Internet Business Directories

Interested in more or other
Internet Marketing options?

Please contact us with your requirements for a tailor-made offer

Our Creative & Web Division
is available to assist you with:

- Graphic designs of Logos/Adverts/Flyers
- Domain registration & administration

- Web Page & Newsletter designs
- Web Hosting incl. Email Accounts
- Search Engine Optimisation of websites
- Design & content of Product Manuals;
  see our 'Green On-line Guides'!
- Copywriting, in English & German
- Company-specific designs for email &
   printed Stationaries
, also for Christmas,
   Easter and other special occasions
- Photography for promotions/publications
  & editing of your digital images

- Presentation Designs & Slide Shows
on CD/DVD & for web publications
- Design of Product Info & Rates Sheets
- Printing of brochures, flyers, etc.
(We support Namibian printing houses only! Visit our
     preferred partner for digital printing in Windhoek.)
- More services available on request ...

We are also available to consult you regarding design & web requirements and to provide a
plan that stays in synch with business growth.
Pages on
Tourism Consulting are to follow with future site updates - in the meantime, please
contact us. Our tourism consulting services are far more affordable than you might think! 

Assistance with cost-efficient solutions regarding your
internal computer & external communication facilities, as well as any other IT support requirements
can be found under EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES or contact us for references




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