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This Service Directory was compiled with the support requirements especially of small to medium sized companies amongst Namibian Tourist Service Providers in mind. It covers many aspects of business operations, with emphasis on activities aimed at gaining a foothold in the market and growing a business.

We neither offer "quick fixes" for troubled tourism businesses nor "get rich overnight schemes". We are offering to share our multi-facetted experiences in international tourism and our expertise in correctly applying the right tools in the development of a tourism business with those who own or manage a solid tourist product and are willing to invest in growth.

Priority was given to support services that can make the greatest difference to the bottom line and the sustainability of your business, in the medium to long term. If utilised in combination, they provide a powerful, cost-efficient framework in which to operate while on a growth path - and while you keep your guests happy to ensure their continued patronage.

A combination of our services and those available from outside sources, as presented in the On-line Support Centre, can provide you with a near complete solution for your business.

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So here we go ... follow the link provided under each topic to access more info.

Our Service Directory entails the following chapters:

Before starting a tourism business - assessing options & potentials
      Taking chances you can afford; leaving no room for failure
Setting up your tourism business - making the most of your investments
A good plan is half the battle won; the remainder is good old hard work
Making your tourism business known and grow - branding, marketing & more
The world needs to know before it can grow; 'hiding' from customers takes you nowhere
On the inside of your tourism business - services, systems, staff, suppliers & more
Avoiding the 'rotten apply syndrome'; inner beauty and quality shine far and wide

 The future of your tourism business - the next phases of development
Staying ahead of the crowd; change is the only constant to count on

Due to its importance under the prevailing global economic circumstances,
the chapter on

"Making your tourism business known and grow"
including options for
meaningful, easy & affordable
 Marketing /Advertising

is the first one to feature
in this Service Directory.

Content to the other chapters will be added with future site updates.


You may have noticed the absence of chapters on how to manage your tourism business and how to deal with your customers.
Much of your management style and how you intend to interact with guests will already have transpired in the early planning stages of joining the tourism industry and found its way into your business plan.
Should you wish to brush up on your people and organisational skills, a number of courses are readily available from well-known training institutions in Windhoek and Swakopmund.

While Speedy is considering
what other kind of business
support services Namibian
Tourist Service Providers
might like to find in these
pages, we would like to
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