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Tourist Service Providers in the Namibian Tourism Industry: YOU ARE
based all the way down
Do you REALLY have the resources to do marketing trips that cover the globe?
If yes, is it still wise to do so in our changing world?

  ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN develop your tourism business  WITHOUT INTERNET MARKETING?


Unlikely... that's why You, Your Business and Namibia Tourism
Namibia and Namibia's Green On-line Guides and its Premier Listing Section "Namibia's Green On-line Guides" present you, the Namibia-based and NTB-registered Provider of Tourist Services & Products, with unbeatable opportunities for taking the legwork out of promoting your business to the rest of the world.
We do it for you, the green way: through Internet Marketing / Promotions / Publications / Advertising - meaningful, easy & minus a large chunk of the cost and hassles involved in conventional marketing!

Our Namibia Tourism Portal's strong content coupled with high ranking in search engines for Namibia-relevant keywords make it easy for YOUR clientele to find YOUR range of offers - your business will be visible at any time, from anywhere. That's what they expect these days!
The basic listing of your NTB-registered tourism business is on us - it is free of charge. In order to take full advantage of the benefits available from YOUR INTERNET PRESENCE at, please check out your options or contact us for a free consultation and tailor-made proposal.

By serving the information and product knowledge requirements of your tourism trade partners via Internet, your partnership with will soon pay off:
Publish your product manual & all your marketing material in a
(Your Tourism Business) Green On-line Guide (sample) and distribute it to your business partners and customers world-wide with a hyperlink sent by email - we'll ensure it stays up-to-date, looks great, is easy to print/email/download, and represents YOU ONLY in every way!  Why publish here? Read this for starters...  

Your options for Contextual Advertising (examples) and placing Advertorials range from mini-ads to full-page advertisements continued across multiple pages. Your adverts will appear next to news, articles, and other page content - on related topics and apart from direct competition, wherever possible.
We even invented a simple system to calculate prices of adverts - visit our On-line Support Centre.

Internet Marketing is eco-friendly ... Namibia needs responsible tourism to keep intact our home and what makes Namibia such a unique travel destination. By making maximum use of these promotion opportunities you will not only enjoy huge savings on marketing trips and time but also in printing, postage, and communication expenses. Apart from having a positive impact on the financial performance of your business, you make direct contributions to preserving our precious environment!


Remember - THIS is what we are selling! Let's make sure we can - forever!


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