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If you are providing tourist services of any kind in/out of Namibia... ...YOU ARE
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The white dots on the map are your target markets ... do you have the resources to cover the ground in person?




Unlikely... that's why You, Your Business and Namibia Tourism
Namibia and Namibia's Green On-line Guides


Dear Namibian Tourist Service Provider, would like to present you with a green, cost-/time-efficient concept for marketing your business & enlisting outside support while you take care of your customers - each and every day, on auto-pilot, if you will!

We are taking your marketing AND access to the outside resources you need on-line.
We are looking after the promotional requirements of your business AND are keeping you in touch with your clientele as much as with your suppliers and your Namibian tourism industry environment - all while you keep things running smoothly on the customer front.     

And when done with your day's work, you just come back here for a visit to find in one spot great deals from your suppliers, advice from consultants, opportunities to win tourism awards, to find new trade contacts and much more. 

All you have to do is to make use of the Namibia Tourism On-line Support Centre and the many different opportunities it provides you with.
Numerous chargeable services are offered at preferential rates, if booked via this website!

Your On-line Support Centre is here to assist you in every way possible to ...

... gain your fair share of the international tourism market for Namibia

... optimise the success rate of your marketing activities

... save money on goods and services needed to keep your business running
... capitalise on investments made in staff, facilities and greening your business
... meet the expectations of your customers
... grow your 'visibility' while reducing your carbon-footprint
... become an active ambassador of tourism in Namibia and
... lead the road into the future, for generations to come

With these first pages of the On-line Support Centre: Namibia Tourism Industry we mainly intended to inform you about its background and purposes - and to give your suppliers the opportunity for compiling the offers they would like to present to you.
Some supplier offers and some of our own marketing support proposals are posted, many others will follow. You will soon see your choices grow!

We'd love to receive you feedback for improving your On-line Support Centre, and also your recommendations of service suppliers whom you would like to see participating.

Thank you for your interest!
Kind regards
Your Team


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