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Digital travel magazine published by Tourism Unlimited, Germany

Your Support Centre!


 of printed & digital tourism-related media present their
advertising offers
to members of the Namibian Tourism Industry


Publications in German:

  Digital travel magazine
  Free monthly distribution
  Large, affluent readership
  of subscribers in A/CH/D
  Special Namibia Offers!


The monthly digital travel magazine "Reise-Inspirationen" (Travel-Inspirations) is the first publication of its kind on Europe's German speaking tourist markets to offer special advertising deals to Namibian tourism businesses!

"Reise-Inspirationen" is dedicated to supporting the Namibian Tourism Industry in their advertising requirements, and the people behind this magazine are great fans as well as regular visitors of our country.

We are proud to announce that Namibia was not only covered extensively in the magazine's second edition in 2009 but that Namibia has got its own destination page on - next to Namibia info available for download. 

Reise-Inspirationen will publish advertisements of Namibian tourism and tourism-related businesses in the immediate environment of their travel destination, with the Namibia destination page accessible to potential customers any time.

These contextual web advertising options are the perfect solution for efficient promotions of your tourist products and services through banner and text adverts, at a fraction of the cost associated with advertising in the magazine itself.

Advertising offers come packaged with a host of additional exposure opportunities for your tourism business, all included in the prices for banner/text advertisements!

Got you curious? Then why not
select your preferred advertisement right away
contact us in Namibia to book your banner space:

Tel. Windhoek, Namibia 061-242431

Advertising on the Namibia Destination Page includes the following:

Publications in English:

- Explore Namibia
  High-gloss travel mag
  Free quarterly distribution
  in RSA/NAM & at internat.
  tourism exhibitions
  Specials available!


A - News:  Media reports and news from the destination. Advertising clients may submit 1 news story per quarter year for publication.

B - Inter-active map:
Advertising clients will each have 1 entry (address + short description + link to your website) for the advertising period.

C - Photo Gallery:
Each advertising client may submit 1 image per quarter year for publication, which will be displayed with a caption and the name of the photographer or the submitting advertising client. Image max. 1 MB @ 300 dpi!
(For longer advertising periods, please submit with your booking: up to 2 images for 6 months / up to 4 images for 12 months)

D - Download Destination Profile:
Contains general info on the destination. Each advertising client will be listed with address and contact details during the advertising period.

I - Editorial Part of Destination Page: Every three months, a different article on the destination will be published in order to increase the page’s attractiveness to search engines.

1-3 - Advertisement Spaces: 3 different types of advertisements are on offer, namely
full banner, destination banner and text advertisement.
Each banner OR text advert consists of 3 motives: 3 images per banner OR 3 x 6 lines of text!
Each space will be occupied by 3 advertising clients simultaneously (with adverts displayed on a rotational basis).

The following types of advertisement are available to you:
Full banner: 468x60 pixels; placement in the middle of the article text.
Destination Banner: 170x196 pixels; placement to the left and right of the main article, in the upper part of the destination page.
Text Advert: Headline, additional 4 lines of text, URL; placement to the left and right of the main article, in the upper part of the destination page.
Each advertising space will feature a maximum of 3 advertising clients simultaneously.
Each advert per client will be displayed on a rotation basis, with displays changing at regular intervals of equal duration.
The minimum advertising period on a destination page is 3 consecutive months.



Please remember:

Each banner advert may consist of up to
3 different motives
per quarter year placement!

Each motive has to be
a ready-made image, i.e. in addition to the background design, it has to carry the text
you wish to display and your contact details.

...and now for the technical part:

Destination Banner:
170x196 pixels, 72 dpi, 3 jpg images of max. 16 KB each

  3 months: Euro   600.00
  6 months: Euro 1080.00

12 months: Euro 1920.00
Included: see above
Excluded: VAT (not applicable!) & banner design

Only 5 spaces available in the upper part of the Namibia page, to the left and right of the article, for a max. of 3 advertisers each, i.e. a max. of 15 adverts in total published at any given time

Full Banner:
468x60 pixels, 72 dpi, 3 jpg images of max. 25 KB each

  3 months: Euro   900.00
  6 months: Euro 1620.00

12 months: Euro 2880.00
Included: see above / Excluded: VAT (not applicable!) & banner design

Only 1 space available in the middle of the article on the Namibia Page, for a max. of 3 advertisers, i.e. a max. of 3 adverts in total published at any given time
Please remember:

Each text advert may consist of up to
3 different sets
of 6 text lines
per quarter year placement!   


consisting of
Line #1     = Headline, e.g. the advertiser's company name
Line #2-5 = 4 lines of text with a recommended maximum of +/-60 characters
Line #6     = URL (advertiser's website address)

Sample in German:
Reiseplaner Podcasts
Vor dem Buchen Ohren auf!
Podcasts für die Urlaubsplanung.

3 months: Euro    450.00 (Submit up to 3 x 6 lines for display to be rotated)
  6 months: Euro    810.00 (Submit up to 6 x 6 lines for rotational display)

12 months: Euro 1440.00 (Submit up to 12 x 6 lines for rotational display)
Please submit each set of up to 6 lines ready-made by email!
Included: see above / Excluded: VAT (not applicable!) & copywriting

Only 3 spaces available in the upper part of the Namibia page, to the left and right of the article, for a max. of 3 advertisers each, i.e. a max. of 9 adverts published at any given time.

We look forwards
to co-operating
with the Namibian
Tourism Industry
and wish all our
advertising clients
lots of success!

in Germany & Namibia

3-month advertising periods start on the following dates only:
1 Nov 2009 / 1 Feb 2010 / 1 May 2010 / 1 August 2010

For 6- or 12-month advertising periods,
please select starting dates from the above too.

PLEASE allow for a minimum period of 10 working days
between advert booking and publication.
 Please keep in mind that foreign bank transfers can take longer than that!
Do you need
assistance with
banner design?

Copywriting for
your text advert?

Both services are
available from
specialists at
reasonable charges
in Namibia Dollars.
No need to spend
extra Euros!

Contact us in
Windhoek, Namibia
by Email:
Tel. 061-242431

for information

How to book & pay your advert:

1. Please submit your advert booking together with:
    Type of advert + preferred & alternative starting
    date of placement + placement duration
    + your chosen mode of payment (see info right)
    + all material & info, also for the add. inclusions
    Email to:

2. Once you received our ad confirmation & invoice,
    please settle your account as per your choice
    communicated by email - see 1. above.
    BY BANK TRANSFER to the email address above to
    avoid unnecessary publication delays!
    Adverts not paid within 10 days of booking will be

3. General info:
    - Advertising prices stipulated on this page are
      valid until 31 October 2010 and only apply to
      adverts booked for publication on the
      Namibia Destination Page of the website VIA the email address
    - Advert bookings for 12-month periods may be
      paid in 2 equal instalments - 50% prior to advert
      publication & 50% within 6 months of placement.
    - All payments have to reach Tourism Unlimited
      free of bank charges and any other deductions.  
    - Namibian clients wishing to advertise elsewhere
      on the website or in the digital magazine "Reise-
      Inspirationen" will be charged the much higher
      prices applicable to Non-Namibian advertisers.
      Info on the website - IN GERMAN ONLY!
    - Advertising prices stipulated on this page are not
      permitted to be combined with bulk discounts or
      special offers that may be made available by
      Tourism Unlimited from time to time.
    - Your advert/s will be displayed at regularly
      changing intervals of equal duration, next to a
      maximum of 2 other advertisers occupying the
      same space.
    - Tourism Unlimited will provide their Namibian
      representation with AdClick Reports about every
      3 months. Namibian advertisers may contact
      Inge Ohm via
      to obtain the AdClick results applicable to them.
    - You are welcome to download the general
      version of the "Destination Page - Advertiser Info"
      from the website -
 While prices and inclusions for these advertising
      offers are the same in the download PDF, some
      procedures have been adapted to better suit the
      Namibian market.
Therefore, Namibian advertisers, please
      refer to THIS PAGE ONLY for details!

For advert payments by

Stadtsparkasse Muenchen

Filiale Alt-Perlach

Neubiberger Str. 1

D-81737 Munich, Germany

Account owner:
Tourism Unlimited/Hoppe

IBAN: DE90 7015 0000 1000 2761 29


Account number: 1000 276 129

For advert payments by

If you stipulated "credit card payment" with your advert booking, you will receive our confirmation and invoice by email together with a web link to a

The transaction will be handled by
PayPal, a provider not yet
operating in Namibia.
You DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE a PayPal account NOR do you have to open one.

Just ensure your internet connection is working, have your valid credit card ready & follow the few simple steps
explained on the website that the link provided by Tourism Unlimited
(publisher of "Reise-Inspirationen" Magazine) took you to.


Should you experience problems
with finalising the transaction,
contact Inge in Windhoek at
Tel. 061 - 242431
for assistance
Mon - Fri during office hours



We look forward to welcoming you, Namibia's tourism industry
members, on board our website
- visited monthly by
approx. 18000 magazine subscribers of seasoned
long-haul travellers and
many others interested in
such fascinating travel
destinations like Namibia.


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