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Advertising in printed and digital media is one of the most commonly used vehicles to make your potential customers aware of your business & services on offer. 

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 Advertising Options available to the Namibian Tourism Industry
- digital and print advertising in a changing world of international tourism -

Your Support Centre!

Advertising is only one yet important part of your marketing strategy.
Advertising allows you to address selected target markets and/or customer groups directly.
Advertising means sending quick reminder messages of your offers to your clientele.
Advertising signals that your business is ready to deliver what the customer is looking for.
Advertising emphasises your particular brand of tourist services and products.
Advertising assists in selling special offers, often on short notice.

Since the placement of advertisements does not come cheap, especially where top-quality publications reach large readerships, Speedy has tracked down some particularly interesting options that will give you the greatest possible mileage out of investments in advertising - check out the links to the left!

 of printed & digital tourism-related media present their
advertising offers
to members of the Namibian Tourism Industry

Publications in German:

  Digital travel magazine
  Free monthly distribution
  Large, affluent readership
  of subscribers in A/CH/D
  Special Namibia Offers!


Through marketing,
you communicate your brand and how it works - that's for the long-term.
Through advertising,
 you establish an ad hoc presence with your clientele - short but repeatedly.

Advertising is often confused with marketing ... "I'll place a few adverts in travel publications and then just wait for revenue to come rolling in" is a common misconception of the power of advertising, especially where the advertising budget is rather limited.

Advertising alone will not work for most tourism businesses. For a potential customer to book your offers takes trust - the trust that you, the service provider, will life up to expectations. If you are new in the business, it will be difficult to instil trust just through advertisements.

Advertising works particularly well for tourist service providers who already gained a good reputation in the market place and want to further grow their customer base/market share.

Trust and a good reputation are established through consistent delivery of value-for-money quality services COUPLED WITH consistent marketing efforts that link your business name inseparably to certain product and service characteristics.

Publications in English:

- Explore Namibia
  High-gloss travel mag
  Free quarterly distribution
  in RSA/NAM & at internat.
  tourism exhibitions
  Specials available!


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