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 On-line Support Centre: Namibia Tourism Industry

Your Support Centre!

You get swamped with all sorts of offers to buy goods and services for your tourism business, on a daily basis. Some catch your attention for a while, others may be of interest only in the future but the majority still land up in the dustbin because ...
... right now and most of the time, taking care of your customers is more important. Right?

Your Support Centre @ assists with making better, faster business decisions and finding what is needed when it's needed - hassle-free!

Our assistant sniffed out some great support offers - simply follow Speedy's lead ...

Namibia's tourism industry is still fairly young, and most of its members come from very different backgrounds. The majority operate privately owned small businesses.

While easily making a great job of turning hosted foreign visitors into loyal friends of Namibia, many are exposed to tough conditions when it comes to finding the right  business tools and making the right business choices.

Not only the vastness of the country and limited access to information, goods & services pose regular challenges to a great number of Namibian tourism businesses but also a currency that limits the extent to which their products can be successfully promoted to potential customers on the very competitive foreign
tourism markets.


The decision to set-up an
On-line Support Centre
for the Namibian Tourism Industry
was born of mainly three intensions:

Read more about the concept
of our On-line Support Centre >>

ith this On-line Support Centre we would like to present especially the small to medium sized Namibian tourism businesses and those based in rural areas with a growing number of options to improve the quality of their operations and facilities, and ultimately of their income from tourism activities.
By using the Internet to the greatest possible extent in sales & marketing as well as for establishing contacts to suitable trade partners and service suppliers, Namibian tourism businesses can achieve far better results from their investments into development - at a fraction of the cost involved in taking conventional routes and while actively helping to save the global environment.

The Support Centre will provide pointers and advice, present suppliers who offer the right kind of quality goods and services, and keep important contacts at the fingertips of Namibian tourism businesses.

1. To make things MUCH easier for you!
You will find all the information you need to make good business decisions and purchasing choices in one place that is easy to access from where ever you are.
No more wasting of your valuable time on separating the good and truly useful from the bad and downright ugly.
P. S. Please bear with us that the Support Centre is starting off small but additions are under way.)

2. To help you 'GREEN' your business!
We believe that the question "Do I/Do we all have to contribute to improving global environmental conditions?" can only have a single answer: "YES!"
Your Support Centre will guide you to & through the simplest and most effective options available to do so - which often will also result in significant cost savings.

3. To assist in developing your business!
With Namibia having entered the international tourism scene, the travelling public and tourism trade partners are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and  discerning about Namibia's tourism offerings every day.
Any development effort invested into your business will only succeed in the long run, if QUALITY driven. Not only the quality of your facilities and staff training count but also the quality of your presentations, and the quality of your contributions to a sustainable tourism industry in Namibia.

Read more about what
can do to assist you in
growing YOUR Namibian Tourism Business >>

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